Thursday, April 28, 2016

What a Day for a Daydream

It's April, and if you are experiencing the same weather we've had here, it's been a rough one; freezing cold, raining, partially snowing, it was just plain dreadful! Luckily the weather has finally begun to turn, and my current daydreams are taking me back to this shoot from last summer, the days when the suns warmth would be shining on my face during an afternoon stroll downtown. I long to see those day's again! 

I know, I KNOW, we're almost there, but memories like these are made to relive during dark times {and yes, I considered this months weather to be dark times}. They exist to inspire you, drive you forward and give you a reason to live life to the fullest. So if you want to know what I'll be doing for the rest of spring, I'll be stuck in my daydream.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Current Obsession: Vinyl

Anyone who love's 70's fashion, or can appreciate a show with good drama and authentic costume, will understand me when I say, I love this show! Its got everything you love and hate about the 70's; Bell-bottoms, clogs, polyester, big hair, big music, drugs, and colorful geometric patterns that will make your head spin. Whether you secretly wish to live a rock-n-roll lifestyle like Richie Finestra, or looking for that 70's inspiration for your trendy Spring/Summer wardrobe, Vinyl is spot on with capturing the true essence of this electric, rock-n-roll, "stroke" of a fashion era.

Here are my outfit inspirations from the shows leading ladies:

Jumpsuit: Nordstrom Rack | Hat: Nordstrom | Handbag: Macy's | Bangle: Forever 21 | Ring: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: ASOS | Shoes: Macy's

Dress: Topshop | Jacket: Bloomingdale's | Shoe's: Lord & Taylor's | Mini bucket bag: Macy's | Necklace: Nordstrom | Ring set: Forever 21

Inspired yet?

Light some incense, jump in your bean bag chairs, turn on HBO and let me know what you think. You'll be glad you stopped your busy day and vegged out for a bit.